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Natalia Macyra

Email: natalia.macyra@ecipe.org

Office: +32 (0)2 289 1350 Mobile: +32 (0)499 053 101

Follow on: LinkedIn

Areas of Expertise: WTO and Globalization Services European Union

Natalia Macyra

Natalia Macyra is a General Manager at ECIPE. She oversees the management of non-research projects, operations, creates and maintains budgets. Natalia is responsible for the performance management and HR policies. As a Head of Communications, she creates, implements and oversees external communications strategy and manages communications projects. She is a certified project manager and supports the research project teams.

Her previous experience as policy analyst was focused on conducting research on European trade policy; the impact of trade on development, migration, anti-dumping investigations and issues related to intellectual property rights.

Natalia holds a Master’s degree in International Relations with specialization in International Trade Policy from the University of Warsaw, Department of Journalism and Political Science. Natalia also studied at the Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

She speaks Polish, English and French and basic Dutch.

  • ECIPE Occasional Papers

    After Cross-Strait Rapprochement: A Conceptual Analysis of Potential Gains to Europe from China-Taiwan Economic Cooperation

    By: Fredrik Erixon Natalia Macyra 

    Is it time for the European Union to revisit its trade policy strategy towards Taiwan? This paper takes a closer look at the potential effects on EU trade and investment that are likely to emerge as a consequence of deepened commercial relations between Taiwan and Mainland China. Although Taiwan is not one of Europe’s top trading partners, it is an important trading partner and it plays a critical role in the Asia Pacific region, especially through its dense...

  • ECIPE Bulletins

    Immigration: An Opportunity for the European Union

    By: Natalia Macyra 

    The debate in Europe on migration, and its impact on employment, is lively but often painfully misguided. Increasing unemployment and the euro crisis are fertile grounds for those who support closing the EU borders for migrants. Although many Europeans know that immigrants are needed in the economy, proposals to enhance worker mobility in the EU, or more open migration policies, stir up opinions. As witnessed in some recent elections, nationalist parties and...

  • ECIPE Policy Briefs

    The International Services Agreement (ISA) – From the European Vantage Point

    By: Hosuk Lee-Makiyama Natalia Macyra 

    Services liberalisation has perhaps suffered from the deadlock of the WTO more than any other area of trade. As the discussions of a potential plurilateral agreement amongst a select group of countries continue, more questions are raised than answered. In a new policy brief by Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, he argues that approximately half of the trade costs are amongst those who are likely to join the plurilateral, while those in the other half - the emerging economies -...

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