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ECIPE is looking for a new Senior Fellow

ECIPE seeks to appoint a new Senior Fellow with a specialisation in relations between the EU and its Eastern neighbours, the South Caucasus and Turkey. With unfolding geopolitical developments and Europe’s ambition to seek closer economic ties with countries in its geographic proximity, ECIPE wants to build up a stronger capacity to research and analyse current trends of political and economic cooperation in these regions – including economic, political and security developments.

We seek an expert with a strong knowledge of economics and politics in Europe’s Eastern neighbours, the South Caucasus and Turkey, and having good and established connections with other scholars in these regions. It is preferably a person based in these regions and has positions at or associations with local universities and think tanks. The person we want to work with should have a strong record of producing policy-relevant research that is readily understandable for policymakers and non-academic readers. The person should also have a record of proposing constructive initiatives for policymakers that seeks to deepen economic and political cooperation between Europe and these regions. While we don’t seek a Senior Fellow who will take up a full-time position, we are open to such proposals.

If you are interested in this new Fellowship, please send us :

  • CV and any professional recommendation
  • a letter describing what research you would like to undertake and what constructive initiatives you would like to propose for economic and political cooperation between the EU and its Eastern Neighbors, the South Caucasus and Turkey
  • a proposal for how much time you would like to work for ECIPE and the remuneration package

Please send your application and accompanying material to jobs@ecipe.org no later than April 30.