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Korea Project

Welcome to the Korea Project!

Many Europeans are expressing despair at the current wave of doubts and fears that hang over the continent’s future. They are further dissatisfied by the inertia and complacency of older generations in responding to the major challenges facing Europe. Given this situation, they need to find inspiration and courage from other countries which have endured turmoil and difficulties and then emerged as sustainable success stories.

Korea has suffered more than its fair share of hardship throughout most of the twentieth century. Yet it has gone on to be one of the world’s most dynamic and innovative economies. Even more remarkably, Korea now stands in the enviable position as a leading international cultural hub.

In such a context, the Korea Project relies on the conviction that evaluating what has been experienced in Korea and Europe can provide important lessons for both sides. Focusing simply on the traditional economic and political domains would not be enough to develop a deep understanding of how countries can emerge from a period of difficulties and establish a more vibrant economy and culture. There is a need to broaden the analysis to cultural industries and culture per se which offer a particularly rich, complex, and diverse territory for such a mutual learning and teaching. That said, the Korea Project will embrace other domains if they are relevant to our greater endeavor of enhancing cultural diversity.

Patrick Messerlin
Director of the Korea Project