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EU-Mercosur Project

The European Union and Mercosur – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay – have finalised an association agreement, including a trade deal, that could bring substantial economic, political and environmental gains to both sides. It is essential to deepen that relationship in a time of geopolitical turbulence – not least in the broader context of growing superpower tensions.

But there are political obstacles to the agreement. Several forces in Europe want it overthrown during the ratification process. There are deep divisions among the EU Member States and Members of the European Parliament, and the outcome is not yet clear. Much depends on the European debate becoming more fact-based and less built on myths about the agreement.

The new EU-Mercosur project will establish a comprehensive program for advancing relations between the EU and the Mercosur. We will engage with experts and officials to foster facts-based discussions and communications around the reasons to ratify this trade agreement and deepen economic relations between the two partners. The topics will focus on areas of economic development, environment, digital integration and will anchor them in economic and political analyses and informed views about recent advancements in both regions.

The project will be directed by Emily Rees, a Senior Fellow at ECIPE.