📌 "... Yet, the wide relief that might be felt at the election of a President Biden could be short lived" Why a B… https://t.co/mDpg7mKLkZRT David Henig @DavidHenigUK: 2 years ago, with the UK apparently a year from Brexit, I was thinking of how a country's trade policy performance… https://t.co/gVBj1U4CeFWe are looking for a Research Assistant in #Trade & #Digital Policy. For more information ➡️… https://t.co/9LH2kxCbCd📖 Should Unfairness be Maintained in Corporate Taxation? ➡️ https://t.co/tX4O9WaIwX @MatBauerEcon @timbro #DSThttps://t.co/alszvpCvppRT David Henig @DavidHenigUK: I have a new paper out assessing UK trade policy readiness, and also looking at just what the vision might be. I'll… https://t.co/doaFX4svEg

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