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Emily Rees

Email: emily.rees@ecipe.org

Mobile: +32 (0)472 927 751

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Areas of Expertise: European Union EU Single Market EU Trade Agreements Agriculture WTO and Globalization Latin America

Emily Rees

Emily Rees is a Senior Fellow at ECIPE and Managing Director at Trade Strategies, a trade and regulatory advisory consultancy.

A Franco-British national, Emily comes from an extensive career in trade policy and economic diplomacy, having led Brazil’s trade and investment agency relations with the European Union and served as Deputy Trade Attaché of France to Brazil.

An economist by training, Emily’s expertise lies at the intersection of trade, sustainability and agriculture. Her areas of interest include “new generation” trade issues including animal welfare, anti-microbial resistance, environmental food standards and values in trade.

A regular guest lecturer in international political economy, her analyses are regularly featured in European and Latin America media, including The Economist, BBC, Sky News, LN24, Valor Econômico and Estado de São Paulo.

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