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Yide Qiao

Areas of Expertise: WTO and Globalization

Yide Qiao is Vice Chairman & Secretary General of Shanghai Development Research Foundation (SDRF) which is a non-profit institution with purpose of promoting research on the issues of development.

Mr.Qiao was enrolled into Kennedy School of Government at Harvard in 1985. After graduation, he entered Harvard Institute for International Development and did research work. In 1995, he returned China as Chief Representative and Managing Director of New York Life until May, 2003. Then he entered Shanghai Development Research Foundation, responsible for the daily work so far. Prior to study in the States, Yide Qiao conducted a research at Institute of World Economy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences as its Assistant Director. His research fields include Macroeconomics and International Finance.

He is a main author of following books or research reports:

Chinese Economy: The Next 30 Years” (2011)

The Reform of the International Monetary System: Past, Present and Future” (2013)

Rethinking the International Monetary System — 70 Years after the Bretton Woods Conference” (2014)

Global Financial Governance: Challenges, Goals and Reforms” (2016)

  • ECIPE Policy Briefs

    Why might Libra be “Dead in the Womb”?

    By: Yide Qiao 

    The day after the news of Libra came out, it is said that Ma Huateng said on WeChat: "Libra has no technical problems, the main problem is about regulatory issues." I think this sentence is very simple, but it reflects many of his experiences, and I think it is correct.   Many people's analysis of Libra implicitly assumes that it can pass the review of regulatory authorities. However, I think that it may not pass such a review. So the topic I speak today is: Why...

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  • Speech or Presentation

    Chinese Economy in Transition

    By: Yide Qiao 

    Yide Qiao’s speech on 2016 World Policy Conference in Doha. Yide Qiao is a vice Chairman and Secretary-General of Shanghai...

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