RT Erik van der Marel @ErikvanderMarel: I’m in Delhi to present joint work with @BenShepherdEcon on the concept and economic relevance of trade facilitatio… https://t.co/TWIKml3kep➡️ For effective #WTO reform to happen the #US, #EU and #China need to live up to their responsibilities… https://t.co/6RBbrk54YQ.@DavidHenigUK "there is little suggestion in the UK of significant changes to how things will be done in the futur… https://t.co/ZDDCjOWqdW.@inumanak How to reform of special and differential treatment in the WTO? ➡️ https://t.co/lWmICZ9IyE https://t.co/e4sJ1G9cDT.@elenabryan23 comments on the current atmosphere for #trade policy in Washington - #impeachment #USMCA #WTOhttps://t.co/ad3SdvOdhh
Korea Project

Wrestling with or Embracing Digitization in the Music Industry: The Contrasting Business Strategies of J-pop and K-pop

Published By: Jimmyn Parc 

Subjects: Digital Economy Far-East Korea Project Services