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Trade in Healthcare: Can Trade Remedy the Cost-Disease in European Health Care Systems?

June 17 2008
Venue: First Euroflat Hotel, Boulevard Charlemagne 50, Brussels
Speakers: Rolf Adlung, Senior Economist, WTOnFredrik Erixon, Co-founder and director of ECIPEnLior Herman, Research Associate at ECIPEnPatrick Messerlin, Professor, GEM, Science PonAnders Morin, Director, Confederation of Swedish EnterprisenGernot Pehnelt, Research Associate at ECIPEnPeter Scherer, Head of Health Division, OECD
Time: 11:00

As the first in an upcoming series, this conference launches ECIPE’s new project on trade and healthcare. In Europe, despite spiralling healthcare expenditures by national governments, health productivity continues to fall as beleaguered national health services struggle to cope with demand. Trade agreements say little about healthcare. Some international organizations are hostile to the idea of more trade in this sector, and err on the side of protectionism. Can the current crisis help understand how trade can be an integral part of healthcare provision? Presentations and papers from the conference>

As the first in an upcoming series on trade in healthcare, this conference launches ECIPE’s new policy-research project exploring the links between trade and health care, two historically disconnected issues.

The conference will have a mix of perspectives from developed as well as developing countries, but the main vantage point will be European health-care systems. European health-care expenditures have grown rapidly and the productivity in healthcare continues to distress. Beleaguered national health services struggle to cope with rising demand and increasingly employ new methods to control cost.

Does trade have a role to play in this context of European healthcare? Healthcare already is a key service sector in Europe, but it could also develop into a successful trading sector. By importing healthcare from other countries, current resources could be used more efficiently. By reforming health-care systems, European hospitals could become successful exporters exploiting their comparative advantages.

There is clearly a need for a fresh approach to European healthcare. This conference will take a look at the present situation of health-care service delivery in Europe, the reasons behind the poor performance and how trade is already playing a role within the region. Several new research papers will be presented and possible future policy approaches will also be discussed in the debate about how perceptions of trade in healthcare could be changing.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the timing of the
conference has changed to 13:00-17:30. You are still invited to join us for a
sandwich lunch at 13:00 before formal discussions begin.

We are also happy that Peter Scherer, Head of Health Division, OECD will now be participating in the discussions.



Presentation: Efficience Measurement in Health Care by Gernot Pehnelt.pdf

Presentation:Trade in Health Care by Rudolf Adlung.pdf

Presentation: Productivity and efficiency in Swedish healthcare by Anders Morin.pdf

Presentation: The Health of Nations­ by Fredrik Erixon.pdf

Presentation: International Trade in Helathcare Services by Lior Herman.pdf 

Draft Paper: What Do We Really Know About International Trade in Health by Lior Herman.pdf

Draft paper: Efficiency of Health Care Systems – what it is and how to measure and compare it by Gernot Pehnelt.pdf

By June 16th to ECIPE: info@ecipe.org
conference is free of charge
Sandwich lunch included