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The 4th ECIPE-Korea Project International Workshop

June 30 2017
Venue: ECIPE Office, Avenue des Arts 40, 6th floor, 1040 Brussels
Speakers: Please see the full programme of the event
Time: 13:00

Insights into Cultural Industries: New Approaches through Business and Economic Perspectives

While becoming increasingly global and ubiquitous, culture and its associated industries have had to face a growing list of challenges, from the freedoms of artists to people’s ability to access their work. Because art, ideas, design, composition, imagination and intellectual achievement are all pervasive in the way we communicate, consume, and think, these issues essentially shape the way culture operates and flourishes in our daily lives.

To better understand these issues, the Korea Project will be holding its bi-annual international workshop at ECIPE in Brussels. Featuring key scholars from East Asia and Europe, this workshop will provide critical insights into problems of increasing significance, the way businesses and policy makers have responded to them, and highlight important lessons from the experiences of other countries. An open discussion will follow the presentations, where participants are invited to take the floor, exchange views and share insights. The event is supported by Academy of Korean Studies and Korean Mission to the EU/Korean Embassy to Belgium.


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13:00 Opening speech: H.E. Hyoung-Zhin Kim, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea

13:15 Keynote speech: Prof. Hwy-Chang Moon, Seoul National University

13:30 Introduction: Prof. Patrick Messerlin, Sciences Po Paris

13:40 Session 1/ Moderator: Prof. Hwy-Chang Moon, Seoul National University

Ms. Yeonwoo Lee, Seoul National University: Enhancing competitiveness through value chain diversification: The case of the U.S. entertainment industry

Mr. Ryotaro Mihara, SOAS, University of London: How to export Japanese animation products to India: A case study of a trans-Asian creative venture business project

Prof. Christian Opitz, Zeppelin University: International collaboration as a means to mitigate the problem of “cultural discount” in foreign markets: Evidence from feature film production

Dr. Jimmyn Parc, Sciences Po Paris: Understanding international film co-production strategies: A value chain approach

15:10 Coffee Break

15:20 Session 2/ Moderator: Prof. Janghyuk Lee, Korea University

Dr. Kyuchan Kim, Korea Culture & Tourism Institute: Beyond copyrights in cultural industries: Lessons from Korea

Dr. Mauro Lanati, European University Institute: Imports of “cultural goods” and emigration: an unexplored relation

Mr. Stephen Ranger, ECIPE: Why are consumers buying records in a digital age? Assessing the impact of music streaming on vinyl’s resurgence

16:45 Closing remarks: Mr. Patrice Chazerand, DIGITALEUROPE