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ECIPE Webinar: Strategic Autonomy and the Car Industry – Where Now?

March 22 2022
Venue: ZOOM Webinar
Speakers: David Henig, Pasi Vaaranmaa, Patrick Keating
Time: 10:00

Automotive is the EU's key export sector, but faces challenges of industry transformation and assertive trade policy threatening retaliatory measures. Now, also given Ukraine, what is its future?

This event will consider the future of EU trade policy and the crucial automotive sector. Already facing the challenges of the Green Deal and its own industry transformation, there were also concerns about whether a trade policy focus increasingly on autonomous measures might lead to other markets closing in response. All of these issues must now be seen in a fresh light following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With automotive and trade policy specialists, this event will consider what the future holds, and how the EU car industry can continue to be global.

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David Henig on the ECIPE report: The Future of EU Leadership in the Car Industry: Still Global

Pasi Vaaranmaa from the Finnish MFA on the trade policy challenges

Patrick Keating from Honda on the automotive sector, plus one TBC

Moderated by Barbara Moens (Politico Trade)