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  • Rural Development Policy in the EU – Lessons from the Past and Options for the Future

    Venue: Representation of the State of Niedersachsen, Rue Montoyer 61, 1000 Brussels
    Speakers: Berkeley HillnJanet DwyernDavid BlandfordnValentin Zahrnt
    Time: 14:00

    The EU’s rural development policy – the second pillar of the CAP – will receive €14 billion in funding in 2010. Whereas the overall CAP budget will likely be cut after 2013, rural development funds stand to increase further. Just about everyone agrees that the CAP has to do more to tackle challenges such as biodiversity loss and climate change, and that this can be best achieved through targeted measures of rural development policy. But how effective is the EU’s rural development policy really?

  • Antidumping – Supra-National Law or Sovereignty Rules?

    Venue: ECIPE, Rue Belliard 4-6, Brussels
    Speakers: Dr Yan LuonRoderick Abbott
    Time: 14:00

    While the dispute-settlement mechanism under the WTO has become increasingly a centre court for tensions between East and West, it has also highlighted the question of supra-national rules against sovereignty in international economic law.

  • China-EU Strategies on Trade: Past, Present and Future

    Venue: Goethe Institute, Rue Belliard 58
    Speakers: Dr Xiaotong Zhang
    Time: 13:00

    The China-EU dialogue is about to enter a new phase after years of summitry and rhetorics. To follow up on past week's visit by Barroso's delegation to China and the upcoming re-start of the High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue, ECIPE invites you to a lunch seminar with a presentation by Dr Xiaotong Zhang , Deputy Director at the Mission of China to the EU.

  • Why did Anti-Dumping Reform Fail?

    Venue: ECIPE, Rue Belliard 4-6, Brussels
    Speakers: Dirk De BièvrenJappe Eckhardt
    Time: 13:00

    Few trade issues are as politically charged as anti-dumping. A few years ago, the European Commission made an effort to reform Europe’s use of trade defence instrument, but the efforts led to little more than a deeper division between users of anti-dumping and sectors damaged by the same policy.

  • Whither US Trade Policy?

    Venue: Crowne Plaza, Rue de la Loi 107, 1040 Brussels
    Speakers: Frank Lavin, former US Under Secretary of Commerce, International Trade
    Time: 14:30
  • After the Crisis: What Now? The Future of Trade & Multilateralism

    Venue: ECIPE, Rue Belliard 4-6, 7th floor
    Time: 15:00
  • The Future of China’s Trade and Role in Global Production Networks

    Venue: ECIPE Office, Rue Belliard 4-6, 7th Floor, Brussels
    Speakers: Ari van Assche, HEC Montreal
    Time: 13:00
  • EU Trade Relations with North America and Asia: Focus on USA and China

    Venue: LSE, Clare Market Building, Room: S421
    Time: 14:15
  • A New Trade Policy for the EU

    Venue: Hotel Crown Plaza, Rue de la Loi 107, Brussels
    Speakers: Erik Belfrage
    Time: 10:00

    With a new Parliament, new Commission, and a new governing Treaty, the EU could hardly ask for a more interesting start of the New Year. This will also be a time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t during the last five years and to set out the core strategies for the next five years.

  • LSE International Trade Policy Unit / ECIPE Seminar

    Venue: London School of Economics, Connaught House, Room H 216
    Speakers: Stephen WoolcocknRazeen SallynClaire DurkinnFredrik ErixonnJohn CookenBrian Hindley
    Time: 13:30