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ECIPE Webinar: Ukraine’s European Future – How do we Move it Forward?

April 06 2022
Venue: ZOOM Webinar
Speakers: Alina Frolova, Tengiz Phkaladze, Dr. Hanna Shelest
Time: 14:00

Russia’s war on Ukraine is a war in Europe. If it was not clear before, it should clear now that the future of Ukraine is in Europe and – should the Ukrainians want it – in the European Union. While a membership application has been submitted, there will be a long process until membership has been achieved. But that process can start already now with practical actions and policies that will help Ukraine to protect its people and sovereignty at the same time as they will advance Ukraine’s integration with Europe. What could Europe do? How could European efforts be coordinated not just with Ukraine but Georgia and Moldova?

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Alina Frolova is the Deputy Chairman of the Centre for Defence Strategies in Ukraine and a former Deputy Minister of Defence. She is the coordinator of the Working Group on Security for the Crimea Platform, a diplomatic initiative of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Tengiz Phkaladze is Senior Fellow at ECIPE where he works on Euro-Atlantic integration for the wider European region and Russian foreign policy. Previously an Adviser to the President of Georgia, Phkaladze is an Associate Professor at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs.

Dr. Hanna Shelest is the editor-in-chief of Ukraine Analytica and heads the security policy department at the Foreign Policy Council Ukrainian Prism. With a doctorate in International Relations, she has lectured at many universities and worked with many NGOs.