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ECIPE Webinar: The Economic Impacts of the Reform of the EU’s Product Liability Directive

May 25 2023
Venue: ZOOM Webinar
Speakers: Karina Stan, Matthias Bauer
Time: 15:00

Please join us for an online event on the EU’s Product Liability Directive and how its reform would impact businesses and consumers.

The EU’s Product Liability Directive (PLD) is horizontal regulation. It applies for a very wide range of industries in the EU. The changes recently proposed by the European Commission would extend its scope to businesses that develop and commercialise software products. Policymakers also want to incldue compensation for damages resulting from psychological harm. 

A new ECIPE study shows that the proposed changes would systematically increase legal uncertainty for technology-intensive businesses in the EU. The proposed revisions would have a dampening effect on investments, production and innovation in technology-intensive products and services industries. At company level, the effects would be most pronounced for small businesses.

Join us for an expert discussion about political ambitions and impacts of the proposed changes to the EU’s Product Liability Directive:

– Why should the PLD be reformed?

– Should software be treated as a product?

– What are the implications of including damage from psychological harm?

– Are technology development risks accounted for by policymakers?

– Would consumers be better off?

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Karina Stan, Director of EU Policy and Head of Brussels Office for the Developers Alliance, Brussels

Matthias Bauer, Director at ECIPE, Brussels