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ECIPE Seminar: TTIP, TPP and the Rise of Mega-Regionals – Consequences for Africa

February 10 2015
Venue: ECIPE, Rue Belliard 4-6, 1040 Brussels
Speakers: Peter Draper
Time: 12:30

Is the rise of mega-regionals a threat to Africa's capacity to grow through trade?

Global trade policy has shifted towards bilateral, regional or other type of preferential agreements, usually outside the World Trade Organisation. As trade policy in Europe and elsewhere has been connected to broader strategies for economic growth, there has been less emphasis on driving trade agreements involving Africa. Are the rise of mega-regional a threat to African trade and trade policy – and what strategies for trade policy should African countries move toward in order to ensure greater capacity to grow on the back of trade?

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The event starts at 12:30 with a sandwich lunch followed by a presentation by Peter Draper, Senior Fellow at ECIPE and Director of Tutwa Consulting in South Africa and a discussion. The seminar ends at 14:00.