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ECIPE Webinar: The Untold Story of the Korean Film Industry – Lessons for Europe

January 31 2023
Venue: ZOOM Webinar
Speakers: Jimmyn Parc, Patrick Messerlin
Time: 14:30

You are invited to join our discussion on the industrial and cultural success of the Korean film industry, and the lessons to be drawn for rejuvenating Europe’s film industries in a digital world.

How has a film industry in a country – Korea – that was deeply handicapped by decades of foreign rule, civil war, and economic underdevelopment been able to emerge in less than four decades as an industrial powerhouse capable of producing international blockbusters as well as cultural landmarks and to show more success and energy than the century-old European film industries?

More importantly from a European point of view, can a systematic comparison between Korea and major film industries – France, Japan, the UK, and the US – guide us toward assessing what needs to be changed in Europe and how to do it?

The two presentations for this seminar will deal with external issues – the role of openness and, more importantly, how to ensure it – as well as internal issues – how to balance the conflicting interests of the firms involved in the film business which has become a much more heterogeneous crowd over the last two decades, with the emergence of powerful online streaming companies.

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Jimmyn Parc, Associate Professor, Malaya University, Department of East Asian Studies, Kuala Lumpur

Patrick Messerlin, Professor emeritus, Sciences Po Paris