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ECIPE Seminar: Negotiating with the United States. What does it mean in 2019?

May 06 2019
Venue: ECIPE Office, Av des Arts 40, 6th floor, 1040 Brussels
Speakers: Elena Bryan, Alan Beattie, Hosuk Lee-Makiyama
Time: 15:00

What does it actually mean to negotiate with the United States, anno 2019? Elena Bryan explains what the endeavour entails after the USMCA.

The world’s biggest economies – Japan, China and Europe – have all been drawn into negotiations with the current U.S. administration. While the scope, context and prospects for each of these negotiations are different, they are engaging a formidable counterpart with the world’s most experienced negotiation teams, operating under clearly defined objectives and streamlined processes that were refined over several decades.

– What does it actually mean to negotiate with the United States, anno 2019?

– What is the difference between previous negotiations with the US TPP and TTIP?

– How does the new USMCA template fit with the EU negotiations on industrial goods?

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Today’s challenges are explained to us by Elena Bryan, one of the true inside experts on US trade negotiations. She is the Managing Director of Pilot Rock Global Strategies and Senior Fellow of ECIPE who spent over two decades with the USTR.

Comments are provided by Alan Beattie, European leader writer for the Financial Times, who also covered trade negotiations as the FT’s World Trade editor, D.C. correspondent and the author of “False Economy” and “Who’s in Charge Here?”

The discussion is moderated by Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, Director, ECIPE