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ECIPE Seminar: How Could Transatlantic Trade and Technology Cooperation be Boosted?

May 31 2023
Venue: ECIPE Office, Avenue des Arts 40, 1040 Brussels
Speakers: Stefan Fölster, Erik van der Marel
Time: 15:30

We invite you to join us for an afternoon in-person seminar.

In late May, the EU and the US will meet for its fourth meeting in the Trade and Technology Council (TTC). Both sides acknowledge the importance of deepening technology cooperation and clear the way for better technological integration – and avoid that the Transatlantic technology market will break apart because of intended and unintended protectionism. Why is that important – and how could it be achieved? So far, neither side has seemed to give the ambition of deep digital integration much priority, and they both struggle to make the other side a key partner in the design of new technological and digital policies. What can they do to take the cooperation forward? Please join ECIPE and the Stockholm Free World Forum for an in-person event to discuss Transatlantic technology cooperation!

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Stefan Fölster is an economist and writer, who leads Better Future Economics. A former professor of economics at the Royal Institute of Technology and chief economist at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Dr. Fölster is the author of From Digital Protectionism to Digital Alliances.

Erik van der Marel is a professor of economics at ULB and chief economist at ECIPE. He has authored many studies on European and US digital policies, and is a leading expert on digital trade.