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Competitiveness, Commerce, and the Cloud – How Can We Drive More Technology-based Change in Europe?

June 18 2024
Venue: Microsoft Technology Center Brussels, Rue Montoyer 51, 1000 Brussels 
Speakers: Thibaut Kleiner, Eline Chivot, Fredrik Erixon, Svetlana Stoilova, Tjade Stroband
Time: 17:00

Join us for a panel discussion about a policy model for driving cloud services in Europe.

New competitiveness – and especially productivity growth – is much driven by technological change and adoption. Many countries in the EU are at the frontier of modern technological change, but some are also behind the curve. There are notable differences across countries, sectors, and firm classes in how they work with new technologies. Cloud adoptions vary significantly in Europe, and without advanced cloud solutions it is difficult to use Artificial Intelligence in a way that drives strong productivity growth.

What is and should be a model of policy for driving cloud services in Europe? Can we do more to break down barriers between countries and sectors? Do we need new policies on cloud governance and security? Welcome to an afternoon discussion about driving European competitiveness.

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17:00 Welcome by Nanna-Louise Linde, VP European Government Affairs, Microsoft

17:10 Keynote speech: Thibaut Kleiner, Director Policy Strategy and Outreach, DG Connect, European Commission

17:40 Panel discussion:

Eline Chivot, Policy Advisor, European Commission

Fredrik Erixon, Director, ECIPE

Svetlana Stoilova, Digital Economy Adviser, Business Europe

Tjade Stroband, Director European Government Affairs, Microsoft

18:30 Cocktail reception