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ECIPE Webinar: The Strange Death of European Union Liberalism?

September 22 2021
Venue: ZOOM Webinar
Speakers: Hans Kundnani
Time: 14:00

Join us for a conversation about Europe with Hans Kundnani

What ideas are now powering the European Union? For a long time, Europe and the European project confidently embodied the values of liberal universalism and cultural pluralism. That zeitgeist manifested itself in Europe’s self-image and its broad outlook on the world. Europe may not have been a superpower, but it was interested in the world and confident that its values were not a continental exclusive reserve. Now, however, many cherish a “Europe that protects” and it is increasingly common to hear a motivation for the EU that takes inspiration from the concepts of nationalism and the civilization state. Is Europe now becoming insular?

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Hans Kundnani, Director of the Europe Programme at the Chatham House and author of The Paradox of German Power. In a recent article in the Guardian, and before that in an essay for the New Statesman, Kundnani argues that Europe has lost its cosmopolitan foundation and that its identity is increasingly white and Christian.