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ECIPE Webinar: Making Friends in Times of Trouble – EU and Mercosur Relationship and the Association Agreement

May 18 2022
Venue: ZOOM Webinar
Speakers: María C. Latorre, Elitsa Garnizova, Vanika Sharma
Time: 15:00

Oscar Guinea discuss with María C. Latorre, Elitsa Garnizova, and Vanika Sharma about the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement and the potential for its ratification in the current geopolitical context.

For sanctions against Russia to have the desired impact, it is important for the EU to convince other countries to take a stand against Russia. If that strategy is going to work, the EU must forge newer and deeper relationships with its partners, including Mercosur. Approving the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement can help align EU and Mercosur positions in multiple areas, including geopolitics. The agreement, thus, has an important role to play in creating the leverage needed to swing Mercosur countries in EU’s favour, while providing avenues for the EU to diversify its imports away from Russia.

Join us for an exceptional discussion with leading experts María C. Latorre, Elitsa Garnizova, and Vanika Sharma on the potential impact of the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement and how the EU and Mercosur can use the agreement to strengthen their relationship.

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María C. Latorre, Vice Dean for Research, Postgraduate Studies and International Affairs of the Faculty of Statistical Studies from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Director of the report Economic Impact of the EU-Mercosur Agreement commissioned by the Spanish Government. The report includes an Executive Summary in English.

Elitsa Garnizova, Director of the Trade Policy Hub at LSE Consulting and co-authored of the Sustainability Impact Assessment in Support of the Association Agreement Negotiations between the European Union and Mercosur.

Vanika Sharma, Researcher at ECIPE and co-author of the ECIPE report EU and Mercosur in the Twenty-First Century: Taking Stock of the Economic and Cultural Ties.

Moderated by Oscar Guinea, Senior Economist at ECIPE.