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ECIPE Webinar: The EU Sanctions on Russia – From the 6th to the 7th Package

June 15 2022
Venue: ZOOM Webinar
Speakers: Oleksii Makeiev, Alex Rodnyansky, Natalia Shapoval
Time: 16:00

How can sanctions against Russia be made more effective?

Sanctions against Russia are increasing. The EU has recently decided on a 6th package of sanctions, and this time the package also includes seaborne crude oil and petroleum products in addition to broadcasting sanctions and new bans on banks. While significant, the EU stopped short of a full ban on important of petroleum products and notably did not include the import of natural gas. As the EU now should start drawing up a new package of sanctions, what has been the effects of the sanctions so far? How could more hydrocarbons be included in the sanctions? What can EU countries do to move faster in their transition away from Russian gas and oil? Please join us for a webinar!

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Oleksii Makeiev, Ambassador, Special envoy on sanctions, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Alex Rodnyansky, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge; Member of the Supervisory Board of Oschadbank, Member of the International Working Group on Russian Sanctions

Natalia Shapoval, Chairman of KSE Institute, Vice President for Policy Research, Member of the International Working Group on Russian Sanctions

Moderated by Fredrik Erixon, Director of ECIPE