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ECIPE Webinar: Education, Knowledge and Human Capital in the 21st Century: How can we Set them on a Better Path?

January 18 2022
Venue: ZOOM Webinar
Speakers: Jason Brennan, Meelis Kitsing
Time: 16:00

Please join us for an ECIPE conversation with Jason Brennan and Meelis Kitsing.

It is often said that we live in the age of human capital. Knowledge and ideas power the economy – and as society gets more dependent on technology, we will need more education and knowledge to raise prosperity and distribute it evenly. But is this a correct vision of knowledge and contemporary higher education, or does it exaggerate and idealise the role of educational institutions and the learning that happens there? Evermore resources are spent on university education, but does it generate the desired outcomes? What can be done to improve the incentives of higher education?

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Jason Brennan is a best-selling author about books like Cracks in the Ivory Tower and Against Democracy, and is a Professor of Strategy, Economics, Ethics and Public Policy at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

Meelis Kitsing is the Rector of the Estonian Business School, where he is also a Professor of Political Economy. His latest book is The Political Economy of Digital Ecosystems.