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ECIPE Webinar: Today Hong Kong, Tomorrow the World – China’s Rising Authoritarianism and its Consequences for the World

February 22 2022
Venue: Zoom Webinar
Speakers: Mark L. Clifford
Time: 15:00

Join us for a conversation with Mark L. Clifford about his new book: Today Hong Kong, Tomorrow the World: What China’s Crackdown Reveals about its Plans to End Freedom Everywhere.

After more than 150 years of British colonial rule, Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. The Chinese government then promised to let Hong Kong’s Basic Law (its constitution) remain, and that Hong Kong would follow the model of “one country, two systems”. Civil liberties and press freedom were to remain respected, and ultimately Hong Kongers would be allowed to choose their government in a democratic election. However, the reality is very different. Beijing has gradually tightened its grip on Hong Kong. After the new national security law from Beijing, the situation has gotten a lot worse. Protesters have been jailed en masse. Newspapers have been shut down. Hong Kong’s freedom and the rule of law have been destroyed.

In a new book – Today Hong Kong, Tomorrow the World: What China’s Crackdown Reveals about its Plans to End Freedom Everywhere – Mark L. Clifford tracks the development of Hong Kong and gives a chilling account of China’s rising authoritarianism. How did China crackdown on Hong Kong’s freedoms? What does it say about China’s wider plans – in Hong Kong and the World? What response should come from Europe, the United States and others who want to protect liberal democracy? Please join us for an online conversation with Mark L. Clifford.

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Mark L. Clifford has been the editor in chief of The Standard and the South China Morning Post, two English-language newspapers in Hong Kong. He was a non-executive director at Next Digital when authorities cracked down on its newspaper, Apple Daily, and jailed journalists and executives. Mark has a PhD in Hong Kong history from the University of Hong Kong, and was the executive director of the Asia Business Council. He is now President of the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong.