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ECIPE & EEA Webinar: Can the EU Prevent Global Food Crisis?

June 29 2022
Venue: ZOOM Webinar
Speakers: Maciej Golubiewski, Matthias Bauer, Tim Cullinan, Irina Dushnik, Jacob Hansen, Oksana Kuziakiv
Time: 10:00

We invite you to join a debate on the role of trade facilitation and deregulation in preventing world hunger.

On March 23, the European Commission adopted the Communication on “Safeguarding food security and reinforcing the resilience of food systems” to respond to the potential food shortages resulting from the ongoing war in Ukraine. The Commission has also proposed financial support to the EU Members States, Ukrainian citizens and farmers, and third countries that might face shortages due to export restrictions and rising prices of agricultural commodities. The EU has also committed to strongly advocating to avoid the export bans, increase the supply chain’s diversification, and improve its functioning. Preventing the Ukrainian government from exporting the crops will create shortages and threaten the least developed countries’ food supplies.

We invite you to join policymakers, sector representatives, and experts that will address the following questions:

How can the EU support export of commodities from Ukraine? What is the role of the Member States?

Are the EU transport regulations fit for purpose or somewhat hamper the trade?

What is the impact of EU regulations in the agricultural sector on production?

How to ensure the sector’s stability and sustainability in the long term?

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Maciej Golubiewski, Head of Cabinet of the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr Janusz Wojciechowski

Matthias Bauer, Director and Senior Economist at ECIPE

Tim Cullinan, Vice-President, Copa-Cogeca

Irina Dushnik, Grain & Oilseed Committee Executive Director, European Business Association 

Jacob Hansen, Director General, Fertilizers Europe

Oksana Kuziakiv, Chief Executive, Head of the Сenter for Contemporary Society studies, Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting

Moderated by Oscar Guinea, Senior Economist at ECIPE.