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Five Freedoms Project

Welcome to the Five Freedoms Project!

It is high time that we start building the European Union we want for the future!

The European economy continues to underperform. No one seems to think we are about to break a longer trend of falling economic hump. Worse than the economic stagnation is Europe’s political depression. We are veering from crisis to crisis. Fractions and frictions dominate the agenda. Far too may Europeans think their universe has shrunk as their opportunities for economic and human growth have dwindled. Many blame the EU for it. On current trend, there may not be a EU in the future.

The Five Freedoms Project is guided by the idea that Europe needs to make its core freedoms alive for people and commerce. Europe needs a single market that is full, free, simple, and make Europe’s freedoms real. Releasing the movement of goods, services, people, capital, and data from current barriers would raise economic growth. Unleashing European talents is not just a recipe for economic revival. It is also the core ethos of a European Union that invites trust, support, and pushes the boundaries for people to grow.

Fredrik Erixon
Executive Director of the Five Freedoms Project

Introducing the Five Freedoms Think Tanks Network

Following the launch of the Five Freedoms Project, we would like to introduce the Network of think tanks and research institutions from across the EU. This informal Network was established as a platform for exchanging ideas and fostering discussion on the future of the EU’s Single Market.

Given the European focus of the Five Freedoms Project, we believe it is crucial to promote research and provide information coming from European capitals. The Network aims to bring Europe-wide perspective and present it in Brussels as well as to improve the understanding of the current state of discussions on the single market in the member states. We want to emphasize the need of reforms on both levels – European and national. Thanks to the diversity of our Partners and a wide range of their activities, the Network supports far-reaching promotion of the idea of a simple and free market for all European citizens. It also highlights its importance to policy makers, by providing them high quality reports and data.

5F launch

For any further details and questions regarding the Network please contact: Natalia Macyra, Operations Manager at ECIPE and Five Freedoms Network Coordinator


The Five Freedoms Project’s Launch Event: Europe Five Freedoms – Making them Alive