Digital Trade Estimates Project

DTE Database

The Digital Trade Estimates (DTE) database is a ​comprehensive database entirely dedicated to digital trade policy.​ It includes measures covering 65 economies worldwide, which are classified into several areas of analysis and four broad clusters:

  1. Fiscal restrictions: T​ariffs and trade defence, taxation and subsidies, public procurement;
  2. Establishment restrictions: F​oreign investment, IPR, competition policy, business mobility;
  3. Restrictions on data: D​ata policies, intermediary liability, content access;
  4. Trading restrictions: Q​uantitative trade restrictions; standards; online sales and transactions.

DTE Index

The DTE index h​as been developed based on the information available in the DTE database. The index relies on a thorough analysis that measures the trade restrictiveness of digital trade policies and it assigns a score to the countries which goes from zero (most open) to 1 (least open). The index allows to easily visualise the overall digital environment of the countries as well as the countries’ ranking in each of the areas covered.

The DTE index will be released soon.

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